Men of Be.Bajrang | The Founders

We have been childhood friends, and fashion enthusiast from our teenage days. Fashion is a big industry, but our interest aligned when we saw an opportunity in the upcoming men's accessory space in 2014. Since we already have design experience and manufacturing support on our side, the opportunity seemed exciting. To pursue our new passion and enter into a growing market of men's accessories we both left our respective jobs at Rosy Blue Diamonds and Credit Suisse Investment Banking, the following year.



We are not only trying to create accessories that are an extension of your personality but also create an experience of value, innovation, product knowledge & much more. We firmly believe that a 360 degree experience is the essence of luxury. With #CreateBetter as the heart & soul of our brand; we aim to revolutionize the experience of affordable luxury.

Our Vision

Is to inspire people to Be.Bajrang in their own lives and give this word a meaning that is unique to them.

PS: #CreateBetter is a positive frame of mind, an attitude. We all can embrace this attitude to create bigger and better things. Create: A better environment to live in, A better relationship with your friends & family, A better product or service, A better opportunity for the less privileged and the list can go on. Ignite the spark within you to create something unique not only for yourself but also for people around you. It all starts with a positive frame of mind.

Wondering what BE.BAJRANG means? Take a few moments and read this inspiring journey

In a world where people are busy being who they are not, be the original that you are. Be Bajrang.

There is only one ‘YOU’ in this world, among the billion things living and not. Do you see how big this opportunity is? The ones who saw it, made success stories.

Individuality is ours by birth, but celebrating it is a virtue. Leaders, lovers, artists and radicals, were the ones who made their individuality matter. All the bold and beautiful people were individuals like you and me, but it’s their ability to embrace their eccentricity, that created an era of revolutionaries. The one thing common between them and us is the spark. Make that spark within you matter.

The one character that has inspired us with his individuality is Lord Hanuman, also called Bajrang-bali. The monkey God, from Indian mythology, is one of the most celebrated heroes of his time. With his gut like a soldier, body like that of a warrior, razor sharp mind and devotion filled in his heart of gold. He was nothing less than a super hero, who braved the battle of Ramayana, entering the enemy’s territory to bring back the abducted Sita, the wife of his mentor, Lord Rama. Carrying Sita back safely, after setting the demon fortress ablaze with a swish of his tail, just so effortlessly.

Hanuman is individuality personified. It takes a lot of courage to be a brave monkey among warrior humans. But then it’s the monkey who gets celebrated. He could have been just another eccentric soul in the troop, if he wouldn’t have ignited his spark, the Ramayana would have been just another story. Bajrang-bali inspires to be bold. In our words, Be.Bajrang.

Bajrang is another name for our brave Lord Bajrang-bali, who plays the most important role in the Ramayana. It is his spark that inspired us to create the Men’s Fashion Accessory line Be.Bajrang.

Bajrang is the celebration of all the virtues within us. The confidence, the vigor, the strength, the beauty, the poise. We possess them all, a trivial difference here and there, but the spark is within each of us. It’s time to ignite it.

Walk the globe by yourself, to understand the qualities within that make you different, make you unique, make you a true Bajrang.

Be.Bajrang is a concept that inspires you to be the best of who you are. It is beyond religion, beyond race, beyond geographies, and most importantly beyond all physical & ideological limitations.

In this world, among a billion things; no one is YOU, and that is your power, your spark. Be.Bajrang.