Multi Hued Three Layer Wrap Bracelet

 What can I say? Pure class. This bracelet so versatile. The stones are of the upmost quality. Each stone is selected perfectly. There is a heft to the bracelet that inspires quality to the touch. Buy it. Enjoy it. Show it off and let the bracelet do the talking.  

The Robust Elephant's Head Facet Pendant

 I continue to be pleased with not only the customer service, but also the quality and craftsmanship of the product. I have been working with Arnie and not only is he AMAZING, but so accommodating and genuine. The quality of this elephant head pendant in gold is breathtaking! I will definitely be back for more. Thank you!  

Multi Hued Three Layer Wrap Bracelet

 I have a multi-colored three layer wrapped bracelet. I have always tried on single layer ones. This is the first time I put my hands on a multi-colored, multi-layered one and this one just does the trick when you want to sport a laid back/casual look.  

Classic Tribal Stopper Bracelet 'in 8mm Beads'

 Quality on this bracelet is phenomenal. Super fast shipping as well. It is a must buy  

Twin Tiger Vintage Bracelet

 Amazing quality, it's been a while since I bought it and still looks beautifull!   



Lion Head Bracelet with Tribal Stoppers

 Nice collection of products with powerful history behind them.  

Studded Accent Stopper Bracelet

 A beautiful bracelet! Very satisfied!  

Classic Tribal Stopper Bracelet

 Very nice bracelet would recommend getting one, very worth it  

Buddha Beaded Bracelet

 Just lovely, I’m very happy with it. Thank you!!  

Twin Tiger Vintage Bracelet

 This bracelet is so stylish and cool looking!  

Dragon Head Stopper Bracelet

 The lapis lazuli dragon was so beautiful! I love it!  


 Subtle and Suave, this one is a no-brainer for any look that you are sport - formal, casual, athleisure et al. I bought a black one for myself and it beautifully compliments any other bracelets you might have.  

Dragon Scales Wrap Bracelet

 Mind Blowing Product... Fully Satisfied with this... Thank you BeBajrang.  



Three Layer Wrap Bracelet

 Really glad with product and service: both outstanding.  

Scales of Fire Cuff Bracelet

 Great finish and loved the raw look of the cuff. It is a little loose but as I can bend it fits my wrist. Thanks   

Elephant Head Bracelet

 Real Nice looking bracelet. Great quality. The lapiz is bright and majestic and it is clear that this is great craftsmanship