• Metal

    BeBajrang metal pieces have been exclusively designed and hand-made to meet the highest standards of quality.

    All BeBajrang jewellery is Crafted in 925 Sterling Silver or Alloy with 18kt Gold plating in white and yellow or black rhodium. Rhodium plating is commonly used in the jewellery industry. This coating gives a uniform finish and a beautiful lustrous shine and colour to the jewellery.

    Rhodium plating progressively tarnishes due to daily wear, to ensure the rhodium on the metal remain intact we recommend the following :

    • Avoid contact with hairspray, perfume, water, bleaches and lotions.
    • Avoid rubbing of two metal pieces to prevent scratches.
    • Try to remove your metal accessories when doing any heavy labour. While rhodium is very hard it won’t withstand being rubbed against hard surfaces, i.e. metal and stone
    • Stay away from chlorine! Pools, hot tubs and many cleaning chemicals contain chlorine which attacks most metals. Rhodium will not react to almost any chemical you come in contact with but chlorine will affect rhodium, making it appear dull or spotty.
    • Gently wipe your Bebajrang metal pcs with a soft cloth to retain its shine.
    • When it’s not being worn, store your BeBajrang accessories in the provided box to avoid scratching.
    • If you wear your rhodium plated accessory for significant periods of time, the plating will eventually wear down.
  • Semi-precious Beads

    • Semi-precious beads are natural stones and may vary in size, shape and colour tint. Any disruption in the texture is natural.
    • Any contact with a hard service might result in breakage.
    • Matt finish/ optically polished stones are both sensitive to scratches. Rubbing it against other material may leave scars. It is considered damaged only when it is chipped or has a crack.
    • All beads are water- resistant, but its best to avoid contact.
    • Note that Volcanic Lava stone beads have naturally formed voids and irregular surfaces, and not a result of a manufacturing defect.
  • Cubic zirconia(CZ) Diamonds

    Cubic zirconia stones are beautiful and brilliant, making them well-suited for use in jewellery. They are also affordable diamond alternatives because they are created in a lab, so they are always synthetic stones. But they aren't cheap plastic. The material is actually a crystallized version of the mineral zirconia. Cubic zirconia jewellery is quite easy to care for and doesn't scratch easily, but there are a few things you can do to keep your BeBajrang studded jewellery looking its best.

    It is best to avoid any cleaning products as harsh chemicals can discolour and damage sterling silver jewellery. Soapy water and a toothbrush can be used to clean any type of CZ jewellery. Simply mix mild dishwashing liquid with warm water and soak the jewellery. You can then gently brush the jewellery clean with a soft-bristle toothbrush and rinse it under warm water.

  • Leather

    It is important to take care of your leather jewellery , and with regular use the natural oils from handling will insure that it ages beautifully and lasts a lifetime.

    Cleaning your leather jewellery with clean and soft cloth ( a little damp, if leather is too dirty) is the right way. You can use the soft cloth to remove the dirt on the surface of leather. Meanwhile, when you are not wearing it, you should store your leather bracelet in a box and keep it away from any chemical and humidity.

    Leather and water do not go hand in hand. We recommend that you remove your leather jewellery before showering and swimming. Water damages leather and may eventually weaken the construction of your jewellery.

  • Repair

    Just like a good automobile or an electronic item, keeping a good discipline with your BeBajrang Jewellery will help your product(s) age well. Periodic inspections and maintenance of your jewellery will eventually save you costly repairs. Keep inspecting the product personally and if you see any defect or change please bring it to our attention.

    If there is a problem please bring it to our attention immediately. You can contact us on info@bebajrang.com