Tiger Eye

The energetic colors make the stone a confidence booster. When you use it, hidden talents surface, and creative spirits flow. The stone makes you assertive, and helps make better decisions. It gives you a positive high in life. The Tiger Eye stone specializes as a balancing act. If you’re feeling like you are in a limbo, or too feisty for the day, the stone’s soothing abilities help you calm down. It releases fear and anxiety, and makes you emotionally strong and ignites passion. Tiger Eye: Power to You.

Lapis Lazuli

The mesmerizing blue of the Lapis Lazuli makes it a very sought after crystal. A universal symbol of wisdom, truth and royalty. It’s said that the Lapis Lazuli resonates with the energy of the inner king. The more intense the blue, the better are its powers. The energy of stone stimulates psychic abilities, intuition and aligns you with the universal truth. It’s a great stone for the intellectually inclined. It un-clutters the mind, gives you vision and helps you relax.


Stressed, anxious, can’t sleep? Keep calm and wear the Howlite. The soothing stone has the power to ward off stress, tension and anxiety. The cool energy of the stone relieves emotional intensity and improves expression of the mind. It makes an excellent antidote to insomnia by calming the overactive mind.


Protective, strengthening and harmonious, the Black Onyx has all the qualities a big brother would share. He helps grow your physical and emotional strength, and heals emotional wounds. And just like the big brother, the Onyx gives you brownie points with opulence and happiness. The stone of strength and chivalry, the Onyx is recommended to all men of steel, to increase power, endurance and perseverance.

Volcanic Lava Beads

The Lava bead is born at the core of the earth. Imagine the magnitude of strength, fire and power that lies within. Super rich in minerals, lava bead have the power to balance your essential elements. Also called Basalt, the grounding stone strengthens your connection with the Earth. Lava beads influence your personality with protection, vigor and fertility. Its intense raw energies have a calming effect on a boisterous mind. In its nature, the bead gives you better capacity for understanding problems. It helps dispel anger and fury, and sets in calm. If you think change isn’t easy, wear a Lava bead and see what a revolution it initiates.

Tibetan Agate

Tibetan Agate is an all-round healing gemstone. It is known for healing the mind body and spirit, and healing and organizing surrounding environments. It has a stabilizing effect on the body, cleansing at the physical and emotional level. This agate in particular produces strength, power and courage, enhances truthfulness and brings forth understanding. Tibetan Agates are also known as Tibetan Dzi agates. Dzi (pronounced as zeeee…) originated from Tibet and the Himalayan mountains. In Tibetan this word can simply be translated to bring good meanings of “splendor, brightness and shine”.


In the language of gemstones, aquamarine represents happiness, hope and everlasting youth. In ancient times, aquamarine was thought to protect those at sea. It was believed to make sailors fearless and safe from adversaries on the open waters. As far back as 480 BC, aquamarine was considered to be the treasure of the mermaids because its ability to protect increased when immersed in water. Today, aquamarine is still thought to bring protection to those at sea and is a popular gift among ocean travelers. On land, it is believed to have soothing effects on couples, helping them to work through their differences and ensure a long and happy marriage. That power makes it an excellent stone to give on anniversaries.

African Blood Stone

Bloodstone is believed to work on the circulatory system: strengthening veins, toning the heart and fortifying the blood, all things that contribute to a long, healthy life. Bloodstone is an excellent blood cleanser and a powerful healing stone. It heightens intuition and increases creativity. Furthermore, it is grounding and protecting.


Amethyst has healing powers to help with physical ailments, emotional issues, and in Energy Healing and Chakra balancing. Amethyst crystal therapies are primarily associated with physical ailments of the nervous system, the curing of nightmares and insomnia, and balancing the crown chakra