What is the value of anything that you buy or sell today?

When we talk about Luxury there are a lot of things that make a product or service luxurious, but the feeling is psychological and society driven. The Price, The Products, The Brand, The Location, The Service, The Quality, The Buzz, The People are some of the key things that eventually create a Luxury Brand. While we too would like to be a Luxury Brand, our goal is to deviate from the traditional sense and be an Affordable Luxury Brand. What’s the difference between the two? Honestly speaking, not much; while everyone has their own interpretation, to us a 360 degree experience is the essence of Affordable Luxury, where value driven pricing, is a key driver. Value is delivered when The Quality, The Experience, The Service, The People, The Buzz all remain the same, but it is still pocket friendly :)

Here is a quick snapshot of how we are bringing value driven products to you.

PS: We strive to provide everything that will make your experience enjoyable with us while keeping the mark ups in check. The reason we are able to do this is because we source, curate, manufacture & assemble everything in house ‘Just In Time’ which helps us pass on the savings to you.